Student Statistics for Turkey

Education is the focus and goal of millions of Turkish students. With the growing population and a lack of study spaces, more and more Turkish families are looking beyond the borders in order to find valuable education alternatives.

In a country of over 73,000,000 people (2012 census), more than 60% live in urban areas and 26% of the population is under 14 years of age. A further 35% are between 15-34, so nearly 61% are at the formative age where they are working on their education and shaping their futures.

Age Breakdown*

Age Range Population # (2005 census) % of Total Population
0-14 19,300,568 26%
15-24 13,339,085 18%
25-34 12,663,421 17%
TOTAL 45,303,071 61%

*Source (Ministry of Internal Affairs – Population and Citizens Office)

What are Turkish students looking for?

Following are some statistics, gathered from key education fairs in Turkey between 2002-2012:

Visitor Areas of Interest:

Graduate 45%
Undergraduate 34%
Language Program 41%
Internship, WAT, WAS 25%
Certificate 25%<
University Preparation 14%
Summer School 10%
High School 3%
Other 7%